Who We Are

Who We Are

Frank De Witte, Founder

Frank has a background is in law, finance, textile, chemical trading, real estate development, hospitality management, ecommerce, sales and marketing in addition to holding a degree in Master of Law.

Sven Vervaert, Founder

Sven has a background is in communication technology, e-commerce development and general management and holds a degree in Master of Economics.

Frank and Sven believe in quality craftsmanship without tricks or gimmicks to sell mattresses.  They spent much time and effort designing an innovative new technology in Europe which they took into Indonesia to work with expert manufacturers, truly making it the best of both worlds.

Our Story

After Frank got married with his Indonesian wife, he decided to move to Indonesia. Frank went looking for a new mattress for the new house. His search began at local mattress showrooms where you can find vast fields of mattresses neatly laid out under the buzz of fluorescent lights. All these mattresses look alike and the showrooms are nothing more than boring.

When Frank was walking around these showrooms, pushy salesmen and saleswomen tried to push him to buy a mattress without any knowledge of the technology used within the mattress, while offering him strange discount calculations which didn’t make sense at all. It felt like a walk in the dark. To make matters worse, you can only try the mattress out for a few minutes which makes it impossible to know weather you will like it or not when you use it every night.

The return policy rendered made it impossible to return the mattress. After a frustrating day of mattress hunting and being stuck in traffi c, Frank shared his story with his best friend. Sven also had been living in Asia for more than a decade and had similar experiences. It was clear that there was work to be done to change the mattress industry.

Frank and Sven believe that business can be ethical, honest, transparent, informative and most importantly that top quality luxury mattresses don’t need to cost fortunes. Frank and Sven went to their home country Belgium in Europe to speak with hundreds of industry professionals to design the perfect mattress with a fresh and new look. 

 A new technology, a new way of sleeping was born: MIMPI.