The Mattress

Mattress Materials And Manufacturing

The Mimpi mattress is designed in Belgium and assembled in Indonesia sourced with high quality materials from Europe, Belgium and Indonesia.

Woven cover

Our removable cover is made with premium Belgian knitting. They are stretchable and easy to clean.

Open-Cell Natural Latex

Our premium natural latex is made in Belgium and comes with a superior density. This gives you the perfect comfort.

Memory Foam

Our premium memory foam comes within a superior level of viscosity and density. This gives you the perfect support and molds to your body.

High Resilience Foam

Our premium HR foam has the ability to return to its original form and gives the necessary durability to our mattress. This also blocks the transfer of motion from one sleeper to another

Support Foam

Our premium and durable support foam is designed to give the perfect firmness. It also gives our mattress a longer lifespan.

The Secret

The Mimpi Mattress has a thickness of 25 cm and is composed out of 6 distinct premium quality layers. Our composition ensures the perfect sleeping position and offers the ideal support to all the important body parts. The secret of our mattress is the combination of premium natural latex, over premium supportive pressure-relieving memory foam and premium durable high resilience foam. Underneath lies a durable, firm support foam. A thin spun sock keeps these foam layers together. This combination is covered with luxurious Belgian knitting that is made out of stretched fabrics. This gives a superior luxury feel.
It is important to know and understand that we do not use a thick woven cover. We use a thin but dense woven cover so you can feel our premium foam layers underneath. This way you can experience the perfect comfort and support because your body directly connects with these premium foam layers. A mattress who has foam stitched in the knitting do this to mask the inferior quality of the foams underneath. At Mimpi we only strive for the best.

Our premium natural Latex is made in Belgium and complies with the highest standards of European quality. It provides the perfect sink, gives you the ultimate comfort and keeps you cool at night. Our premium pressure-relieving Memory Foam underneath gives the perfect bounce and support. Our High Resilience foam gives the necessary durability and our support foam gives the perfect firmness to our mattress. Each component of our mattress has been specifically chosen for its qualities and how they work together: we engineered our Mimpi mattress to do anything on it!

Because our open-cell natural latex top layer is breathable, the full contouring to your body doesn’t result in the same overheating that an all-memory foam surface creates. It’s bounce also removes any sensation of being stuck: you will never sink into a Mimpi mattress. This is the scientific explanation why we chose a more expensive combination of natural latex over memory foam instead of an all memory foam mattress.

Extensive research resulted into our perfectly balanced Mimpi mattress. The Mimpi mattress caters to all the sleeping positions and body types.

One Mattress Fits Everyone.

While we’ve got the perfect balance of mattress features, you still need to choose the size that’s right for you.

We’ve illustrated all six standard mattress sizes in Indonesia which cover all ranges of available beds to give you a better idea about which mattress is appropriate for you.

How to decide on the the perfect size of your mattress?

Measurements And Dimensions

Mimpi’s guide to find the perfect size for your mattress.

There is the personal taste of the size of your mattress: some people like a compact-sized mattress and the cozy feeling, while others prefer a larger mattress to spread out while they sleep. Maybe you sleep with more than 2 people on one mattress. But we can all agree that choosing the right size mattress is a crucial step in the process.

Apart from the personal taste, there are a few elements people need to take into consideration when they decide on the size of their new mattress:

(1) The most important factor is the size of your bedframe or bed surface. It is crucial to measure and double check the exact size of your bedframe or existing bed surface before you order your new mattress. We do not want you to order a new mattress which is too small or too big.

(2) Another important factor is the size your bedroom. Please make sure your mattress is not too big for the available sleeping space in your house.

(3) Last but not least you will need to consider weather you will share your mattress with someone else or if you will sleep alone on your new mattress.

We’ve illustrated all six standard mattress sizes in Indonesia to give you a chance to choose the best mattress for yourself.


A single mattress is the smallest mattress on the market. It is 90 cm wide and 200 cm long. It is compact and ideal for children and single adults. A single mattress is also great for individuals with a smaller living space like a room or studio.

Single XL

The single XL mattress is a little bit wider than the single mattress. It is good for taller teenagers, students and individual adults with limited living and sleeping space. This mattress is 10 centimeter wider than a single mattress, making it 100 cm wide and 200 cm long.


A good starter mattress for young adults living on their own for the fi rst time is the double mattress. It is 120 cm wide and 200 cm long. The double mattress is not recommended for couples who like to share their mattress with their children. The double is also perfect for a guest room in your house.


The most popular mattress size is the queen mattress. It fits best in a master bedroom that’s at least 2 meter x 2 meter. The queen mattress is 160 cm wide and 200 cm long and offers plenty of space for couples or individuals who like extra space to move around the bed.


The king mattress is180 cm wide and 200 cm long. Itis large enough to accommodate couples who share their bed with their children. The king mattress is perfect for couples who like more space in the bed. When you own a king mattress, it requires a spacious master bedroom of at least 3 x 2 meter.

Note: If you have an adjustable or split king bed, you can order two single mattresses for your frame.

Super King

The biggest mattress on the market, the super king mattress is a whopping 200 cm wide and 200 cm long. Its generous size makes it ideal for taller individuals and couples who appreciate space. Of course, all people might love the super king depending on how big the bedroom is. You need to have enough space to sleep on this spacious mattress.

Custom Made?

Do you have a specific size which is a not one of the standard sizes of a Mimpi mattress? Do not panic and contact our customer service center. We will take your sizes and make a Mimpi mattress according to your needs. For this we do not off er our 100 nights free trial because we can’t be responsible for inaccurate sizes.

Compatible With Most Bedframes

The details of the Mimpi mattress
What’s inside?

Country of origin : designed in Belgium and assembled with European,  Belgian and Indonesian products.

Construction : made of premium natural latex, premium memory foam, premium high resilience foam, premium polyurethane support foam with a sock from spun polyester and a high quality fire retardant zipper with viscose and pes.

Certifications : our foams are sanitized® certified

Warranty : 10 year limited warranty

Shipping info : via DHL throughout Indonesia

Shipping costs: free shipping throughout Indonesia